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OMAX 2.5X 460mm(18 inches) Binocular Dental Surgical Headband Loupes

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Product Description

    JH25460 binocular loupes are designed for all medical needs. They are widely accepted by Stomatology, ENT, Gynecology, Cardiology, Brain Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and etc. This headband loupes are light, comfortable for long time working. Adjustable size of headband, position of loupes, and interpupillary distance makes it suitable to the use of any individuals. The loupes can be installed on our J8800 LED headlight (sold separately) . The products are manufactured under ISO 13485, and CE and FDA certified.


    • Model number: JH25460
    • Perfect for doctor, dental and veterinary clinics, repair shops, and hobbies
    • Adjustable foam bolstered headband, for long time comfortable wearing
    • Multi-layer-coated premium quality optical glass elements
    • 5-way adjustment of loupes: flip up and down, slide up and down, and slide left and right of each loupe independently
    • Magnification: 2.5X
    • Long working distance: 18-1/8" (460mm)
    • Large field of view: 4-5/16" (110mm)
    • Large depth of field: 4-1/2" (114mm)
    • Adaptable to our J8800 LED headlight (sold seperately)
    • Net weight: only 182g (6.4 oz) with headband
    • FDA and CE certified
    • One year warranty


    • Working distance: the distance between your eyes (not the loupes) and the spot that the object is in focus.
    • Field of view: the diameter of the area that you may see in focus.
    • Depth of field: the range of depth that objects can be focused on, in other words, from the nearest focused section to the farthest focusted section.

    Note: the actual data may be slightly different from individuals with different visions.

    Packing List:

    • Binocular Loupes on the headband
    • High quality cleaning cloth
    • Screw driver for tension adjustment
    • Spare screws, washers and nuts
    • User's guide
    • Aluminum case

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