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OMAX 40X-400X Super Speed 10MP USB3 Inverted Phase Contrast Infinity Trinocular Compound Microscope

SKU: K832INV-C100U3
ID: 1735253
This microscope system is a professional grade trinocular biological inverted microscope with super widefield eyepieces, long working distance PLAN objectives, and a super speed 14MP USB 3.0 microscope camera. It is designed for the applications involving biological specimens in large vessels. This microscope will allow you to observe specimen in culture flasks, Petri dishes or other similarly sized containers, and it comes with long working distance PLAN objectives, high quality phase contrast objectives, super widefield eyepieces, 45 degree inclined trinocular head. The microscope offers 40X, 100X, 200X and 400X magnification settings and phase contrast microscopy features. With a long working distance condenser and high-contrast phase contrast objectives, it provides high quality clear microscopy images of the cells of your specimen. It is an ideal microscope for observing living cells in micro research laboratories, universities, or medical offices.

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Product Description


    • High quality optical glass elements
    • Inverted infinity optical system
    • Condenser removable for large working room, 72mm long working distance
    • Bright field and phase contrast observation
    • USB3.0 high speed 10MP digital camera included


    • Model: K832INV-C100U3
    • Total Magnification: 40X, 100X, 200X, 400X
    • Eyepiece
      - A pair of 10X eyepieces with 20mm wide field of view
    • Objective
      - Infinity plan achromatic 4X/0.10, ∞/1.2mm, WD 22.3mm
      - Infinity plan phase contrast 10X/0.25, ∞/1.2mm, WD 6.2mm
      - Infinity plan phase contrast 20X/0.40, ∞/1.2mm, WD 3.1mm
      - Infinity plan phase contrast 40X/0.55, ∞/1.2mm, WD 2.2mm
    • Viewing Head
      - Siedentopf binocular, 45° inclined viewing head
      - Interpupillary distance adjustable: 50mm ~ 70mm ( 2" ~ 2-3/4" )
      - Inner diameter of ocular tube: 30mm
    • Nosepiece
      - Revolving, quintuple
    • Stage
      - Plain stage, dimension 230mm x 170mm
      - Mechanical stage attachment: X-Y stroke 120mm x 80mm
      - Stage extension plate: working surface 189mm x 70mm
      - Stage insert plate: glass, Φ108mm
      - Slide holder plate: metal, 128mm x 86mm, slot for slide 76mm x 26mm, opening for petri dish Φ54mm
      - Terasaki holder plate: metal, 138mm x 86mm, slot for Terasaki plate 81mm x 56mm, opening for petri dish Φ65mm
      - Petri dish holder plate: metal, 81mm x 56mm, opening for petri dish Φ35mm
    • Focusing
      - Coaxial fine and coarse knobs on both side
      - Tension adjustable
    • Illumination
      - Transmitted illumination
      - 6V/30W halogen bulb
      - Light intensity is adjustable
      - Aperture iris diaphragm
      - Condenser: working distance 72mm, NA 0.3, removable for large working room
    • Photo port
      - Upper port: light split 20/80 (eyepiece / photo)
      - Lower port: light split 0/100 (eyepiece / photo)
      - Camera adapter with C-mount
      - Camera adapter with standard 23.2mm port
    • Color filter
      - Diameter Φ45mm
      - LBD light balancing filter
      - IF550 interference filter (green)
      - SIF800 Inrared-eliminating filter (yellow)
    • Phase contrast accessory
      - Phase contrast slider plate, center adjustable
      - Centering telescope
    • Power
      - AC110V
    • Weight
      - Net weight: 11.1kg ( 24 lb 6 oz)
      - Shipping weight: 24.6 kg ( 54 lb 1 oz)
    • Digital Camera
      - High speed USB3.0, compatible with USB2.0
      - Resolution 3584x2746 pixels ( 10 MP )
      - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view
      - Driver and software included in a CD
      - 0.01 mm stage micrometer included
      - USB cable included
      - Software
    • Software functions
      software specification

      Computer operating system compatibility
      Compatible Table

    Packing List:

    • Microscope frame with built-in binocular viewing head
    • Phase contrast slider
    • Center telescope
    • Mechanical stage
    • Stage extension
    • Stage glass insert plate
    • Stage slide holder plate
    • Stage Terasaki holder plate
    • Petri dish holder plate
    • Camera adapter ( C-mount )
    • Camera adapter ( 23.2mm )
    • 3 color filters
    • A pair of eyepieces (installed)
    • 4 objectives (installed)
    • Power cord
    • Dust cover
    • 3 Allen keys
    • Digital camera kit, including
    • - 10 MP USB3.0 camera
      - 0.5X reduction lens
      - 0.01mm stage micrometer
      - USB cable
      - CD

    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • USB cameras
    • 20X, 25X, 30X eyepieces
    • Prepared slides
    • Blank slides
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