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OMAX 40X-400X PLAN Trinocular Inverted Infinity Metallurgical Polarizing Microscope

ID: 9689844

This is a brand new professional trinocular infinity inverted polarizing metallurgical microscope with EPI-Kohler illumination. It offers 40X, 100X, 200X and 400X magnification settings, and is designed to observe, identify and analyze the structures of metals and alloys. It comes with super widefield optics, a polarizer and analyzer kit, a quintuple nosepiece, a 30W halogen EPI-Kohler illuminator, and a double-layer mechanical stage with coaxial coarse & fine focusing. This microscope is ideal for studying metallography, heat treatment and metal physics, and specializes in observing large specimens. It is widely used in the inspection of crystal structures, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, micro-electronics.

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Product Description


    • Inverted optical system and large stage supports examination of larger specimens
    • Four PLAN Infinity metallurgical objectives provide magnification variety and distortion free images
    • Capable of standard bright field and polarized light observation methods
    • Large plain stage with attachable mechanical mechanism and extended plate
    • Sturdy metal framework with coaxial coarse & fine focus


    • Model: M8300MINV
    • Total Magnification:
      - 40X, 100X, 200X, 400X
    • Eyepiece
      - A pair of high eyepoint widefield EW10X/20
    • Objective
      - Plan 4X/0.10, ∞/-
      - Plan 10X/0.25, ∞/-
      - Plan 20X/0.40, ∞/-
      - Plan 40X/0.65, ∞/0
    • Viewing Head
      - Trinocular, 360° rotatable Sindentopf viewing head
      - 30° inclined ocular tubes
      - Diopter adjustment rings on left ocular tube
      - Interpupillary distance adjustable: 48~75mm (1-7/8"~ 3" )
      - Inner diameter of ocular tube: 30mm
      - Inner diameter of photo tube: 23.2mm
    • Nosepiece
      - Revolving, quintuple
    • Stage
      - Plain stage: 160 x 250mm
      - Mechanical stage attachment: stroke 120mm x 78mm
      - 1 auxiliary stage extension (190mmx70mm)
      - 1 stage clip, height adjustable
      - 3 insert plates (Φ110mm) with Φ25mm, Φ15mm and Φ10mm openings in the center
      - 3 rectangular plates (128mmx86mm) with Φ25mm, Φ15mm and Φ10mm openings in the center
    • Focusing
      - Coaxial fine and coarse knobs on both side with focus stop
      - tension adjustable
    • Illumination
      - Reflected illumination
      - 6V/30W halogen bulb, center adjustable
      - Light intensity is adjustable
      - With field iris diaphragm and aperture iris diaphragm
      - Built-in collector lens

    • Others
      - Colour filters: blue, green, yellow and white
      - A Polarizer / Analyzer kit
    • Power
      - AC110V, 60Hz

    • Net weight
      - 11.6 kg ( 25lb 11oz )

    Packing List:

    • Trinocular microscope viewing head
    • Inverted microscope body
    • A pair of EW10X/20 eyepieces
    • 4 plan objectives 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X
    • Photo tube
    • Mechanical stage attachment
    • Auxiliary stage extension
    • 1 stage clip
    • 3 circular plates
    • 3 rectangular plates
    • 4 colour filters: red, blue, green, white
    • Polarizing kit: polarizer and analyzer
    • Power cord
    • 2 Allen keys
    • Focus tension wrench
    • Dust cover
    • Extra halogen bulb
    • Extra fuses
    • Light housing

    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • USB cameras
    • 20X eyepiece
    • Eyecup
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