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OMAX 3.5X/500mm(19 inches) Headband Binocular Loupes with 5W LED Headlight

ID: 7742370

The XJ35500LED is a pair of dental surgical loupes with LED headlight. They provide long working distance, large field of view, and large depth of field. The lenses are multi-layer coated.

The LED light provides a cool and bright white light for examinations and surgeries. It is more than twice as bright as other LED and conventional headlights. It also features the unique evenly lighting with adjustable spot size and brightness, and concentrated light beam. The products are manufactured under ISO 13485, and CE and FDA certified.

This device is perfect for dental and veterinary clinics, repair shops and hobbies.

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Product Description


    • Multi-layer-coated premium quality optical lens group
    • Long working distance, large field of view, large depth of field
    • Combined with a 5W LED headlight, provides cool, bright, even and concentrated light
    • Adjustable light brightness and spot size, working on rechargeable battery or with AC power adapter
    • Light weight and adjustable headband


    • Model number: XJ35500LED
    • Binocular Loupes
      Optical Lens: Multi-layer-coated premium quality optical glass elements
      - Magnification: 3.5X
      - Working distance: 500mm ( 19-5/8" )
      - Field of view: 84mm ( 3-5/16" )
      - Depth of field: 152mm ( 6" )
      - Interpuillary distance is adjustable
    • LED Headlight
      - Light bulb: LED 5W, 20000 hours life time
      - Battery: Li-ion rechargeable, 7 hours continuous running time, with a belt clip
      - Power adaptor: Input AC 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz; output DC 12V, 1.25A

      - Illumination: 25,000 Lux at 250mm distance
      - Color temperature: reference color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin
      Adjustable light spot size: Φ30 - Φ60mm at 340 mm distance
      - Adjustable light brightness
      - A set of 3 covers provided to avoid from touching directly the headlight during operation
    • Net weight: only 350g ( 12oz) including headlight, loupes and headband
    • One year warranty


    • Do not shine the light directly into the patients' or other persons' eyes
    • Ensure that the cord from the LED light is fixed into the clip on the headband

    Packing List:

    • Binocular loupes and LED headlight on the headband
    • AC power adaptor
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • A set of covers for touching-free operation
    • Aluminum case

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