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OMAX 2X-270X USB3 18MP Simul-focal Zoom Stereo Microscope on Articulating Arm+150W Dual Fiber Light

SKU: W43DF1-D3X2A-E30A-L12Y-C180U3
ID: 4297215

This top quality true trinocular stereo zoom microscope system utilizes a fully coated optical system with a super high resolution and super speed 18MP USB 3.0 digital microscope camera. The true trinocular microscope head permits the usage of both eyepieces and the photo tube simultaneously, where most trinocular stereo microscopes will switch between eyepiece and photo tube. It offers clear and sharp images with great flatness and contrast across the 2X-270X magnification range. It comes with independently adjustable WF10X/22 extreme widefield and WF30X/9 optics, 0.3X and 2X barlow lenses, and articulating arm that provides a broad area of use and a high degree of flexibility. This microscope offers a field of view as large as 107mm (4-1/4") with working distances as long as 265mm (10-7/16") with the 0.3X auxiliary objective mounted, and a wide 6.7:1 zoom ratio. The included 150W halogen dual gooseneck fiber light provides intensity adjustable cool, smooth, directed illumination. It is an ideal instrument for those who require precision-oriented observation across a wide continuous magnification range.

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Product Description


    • Super speed 18MP USB 3.0 digital camera works with Windows/Mac/Linux
    • True trinocular head offers simultaneous viewing through eyepieces and photo tube
    • 0.3X auxiliary lens provides long working distance for soldering and 2X auxiliary lens provides high magnification for precision inspection
    • 150W gooseneck cold light provides directional bright and cold light
    • Sturdy articulating arm boom stand provides large working space and excellent scope repositioning


    • Model: W43DF1-D3X2A-E30A-L12Y-C180U3
    • Total magnification: 2X - 270X
    • Microscope body
      - Trinocular, 360° rotatable viewing head
      - 45° inclined ocular tubes
      - Interpupillary distance adjustable: 54 - 75mm ( 2-1/8" - 2-15/16" )

      - Inner diameter of ocular tube: 30mm
      -Inner diameter of photo tube: 23.2mm
      - Mounting size for auxiliary lens: 48mm female thread (M48X0.75)

    • Eyepiece
      - A pair of high eyepoint widefield WF10X/22, diopter adjustable
      - A pair of
      widefield WF30X, diopter adjustable
    • Objective
      - Zoom 0.67X - 4.5X
      - Zoom ratio 6.7:1
    • Auxiliary Objectives
      - 0.3X auxiliary objective
      - 2.0X auxiliary objective

    • Working distance
      - Max. 105mm (4-1/8") with no auxiliary objective lens
      - Max. 268mm (10-9/16") with 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • Field of view
      - Max. 33.5mm (1-5/16") with no auxiliary objective lens
      - Max. 110mm (4-5/16") with 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • Articulating arm boom stand
      - Table clamp: Max. opening 62mm ( 2.4" )
      - Articulating arm: Spring loaded for easy operating, multi-arm provides more flexibility
      - 360° rotating horizontally
      - Radius of working area: Max. 1040mm ( 41" )
      - Diameter of microscope body holder: 76mm ( 3" )
      - Focus block: rack and pinion adjustment, range 55mm (2-5/32")
    • Illumination
      - 21V 150W halogen lamp
      - Y type dual head gooseneck fiber pipes
      - Power input: AC 115V or 230V switchable
    • Digital camera:
      - true color 4912x3684 pixels (18M pixels)
      - USB 3.0 connection

      - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view
      - 0.01 mm calibration slide: 1mm/100 division
      - Frame speed: 5.6fps at 4912x3684, 18.1fps at 2456x1842, 32.2fps at 1228x922
      - Software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
      - Capturing microscope images, recording live video, measuring lengths, angles, areas, editing images
      - USB3 cable included
    • Net weight
      - 18.5kg ( 40 lbs 11 oz )

    Specifications (software):

    Specification (software)


    Please check the chart below for computer operating system compatibility

    Compatible Table

    Packing List:

    • Trinocular stereo microscope body
    • A pair of WF10X/22 eyepieces
    • A pair of WF30X eyepieces
    • 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • 2X auxiliary objective lens
    • Dust cover
    • Articulating arm boom stand
      - Stand post with table clamp
      - Articulating arm assembly
      - Swing post for focus block
      - Focus block
      - 3 clamping knobs
      - A clamping handle
      - An extra snap ring
    • Digital camera, including:
      - 18MP USB 3.0 camera
      - CD (driver, software and user manual)
      - USB 3.0 cable
      - 0.5X reduction lens
      - 0.01mm stage micrometer
    • 150W Cold ring light, including:
      - Light base/power box
      - Y type dual head fiber pipe
      - Power cord
      - Spare fuses

    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • Fluorescent ring lights for illumination
    • Other LED lights for illumination
    • LED transmitted backlights
    • Fiber ring lights with low heat and adjustable intensity
    • 0.5X auxiliary lens for increasing working distance and field of view
    • Other USB cameras for computer or monitor
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