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OMAX 2.1X-225X 5MP Touchpad Screen Stereo Microscope on Articulating Arm with 30W LED Dual Light

SKU: W43AF1-D3X2A-E25-L30WY-TP
ID: 2334035

This high end trinocular stereo zoom microscope system utilizes a fully coated optical system with an integrated digital display solution. This digital display consists of a 5MP microscope camera combined with a 9.7 inch touchpad display, and is powered by the Android 4.2.2 system. The trinocular microscope head has diopter controls on the eyetubes of the microscope and provides a photo port for dedicated use with its microscope camera. It offers clear and sharp images with great flatness and contrast across the 2X-225X magnification range. It comes with widefield WF10X/20 and WF25X optics, 0.3X and 2X barlow lenses, and articulating arm that provides a broad area of use and a high degree of flexibility. This microscope offers a field of view as large as 86mm (3-3/8") with working distances as long as 230mm (9-1/16") with the 0.3X auxiliary objective mounted, and a wide 6.4:1 zoom ratio. The included super bright 30W LED fiber optic dual gooseneck light provides intensity adjustable cool, smooth, directed illumination. It is an ideal instrument for those who require precision-oriented observation across a wide continuous magnification range.

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Product Description


    • Digital display system includes 5MP camera and 9.7 inch touchscreen display
    • Super bright 30W LED fiber optic dual gooseneck illuminator set
    • 2.1X-225X super widefield zoom magnification with clear and sharp images
    • 0.3X auxiliary lens provides long working distance for soldering and 2X auxiliary lens provides high magnification for precision inspection
    • Sturdy articulating arm boom stand provides large working space and excellent scope repositioning


    • Model: W43AF1-D3X2A-E25-L30WY-TP
    • Total magnification: 2.1X-225X
    • Microscope body
      - Trinocular, 360° rotatable viewing head
      - 45° inclined ocular tubes
      - Diopter adjustment rings on both ocular tubes
      - Interpupillary distance adjustable: 47 - 73mm ( 1-3/4" - 2-3/4" )

      - Inner diameter of ocular tube: 30mm
      -Inner diameter of photo tube: 23.2mm
      - Mounting size for auxiliary lens: 48mm female thread (M48X0.75)

    • Eyepiece
      - A pair of high eyepoint widefield WF10X/20
      - A pair of
      widefield WF25X
    • Objective
      - Zoom 0.7X - 4.5X
      - Zoom ratio 6.4:1
    • Auxiliary Objectives
      - 0.3X auxiliary objective
      - 2.0X auxiliary objective

    • Working distance
      - Max. 100mm (3-15/16") with no auxiliary objective lens
      - Max. 230mm (9-1/16") with 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • Field of view
      - Max. 30mm (1-3/16") with no auxiliary objective lens
      - Max. 86mm (3-3/8") with 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • Articulating arm boom stand
      - Table clamp: Max. opening 62mm ( 2.4" )
      - Articulating arm: Spring loaded for easy operating, multi-arm provides more flexibility
      - 360° rotating horizontally
      - Radius of working area: Max. 1040mm ( 41" )
      - Diameter of microscope body holder: 76mm ( 3" )
      - Focus block: rack and pinion adjustment, range 55mm (2-5/32")
    • Illumination
      - 30W LED illumination supply
      - Fiber optic dual gooseneck attachment, length 56cm ( 22" )
      - Power input: AC 100V - 240V

    • Digital display system:
      - Display: 9.7" Color LCD Touch Screen (1024x768)
      - 0.37X adjustable reduction lens to get larger field of view
      - Live preview frame speed: 17fps at 1024x768, 25fps at 640x480
      - Camera resolution: 2560x1920 pixels (5M pixels)
      - Operating System: Android 4.2.2

      - Connectivity: HDMI out, USB 2.0, SD, Bluetooth, WiFi
    • Net weight
      - 18.5kg ( 40 lbs 11 oz )


    Specification (software)

    Packing List:

    • Trinocular stereo microscope body
    • A pair of WF10X/20 eyepieces
    • A pair of WF25X eyepieces
    • A pair of rubber eyeshields
    • 0.3X auxiliary objective lens
    • 2X auxiliary objective lens
    • A full set of articulating arm boom stand
    • 30W LED illumination supply
    • Fiber optic dual gooseneck attachment
    • Power cord
    • Digital display system
      - Integrated 9.7 inch touchscreen and 5MP camera system
      - 0.37X adjustable reduction lens

      - Power adapter

    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • Fluorescent ring lights for illumination
    • Other LED lights for illumination
    • LED transmitted backlights
    • Fiber ring lights with low heat and adjustable intensity
    • 0.5X auxiliary lens for increasing working distance and field of view
    • Other USB cameras for computer or monitor
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