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Integrated 5.0MP Microscope Digital Camera and 9.7 Inch Touchpad True Color Display System

ID: 7123036
This is a brand new camera and display system that features a 9.7" high resolution (1024x768) true color LCD digital imaging system and 5MP microscope camera. Offering great color, smooth images, and up to with up to 5 points of control with its multi-touch screen, this system is ideal for educational and industrial applications. It reduces eye fatigue and can be used for multiple users of the same microscope, demonstrations, and teaching purposes with ease. Powered by the Android OS, this stand-alone display and camera system means no need to install a driver or application on your computer to use this product. Just by starting the camera and having it connected to your microscope, the live image presents itself in front of you immediately once you have launched the camera application. Controls and measurements can be performed through the touch interface or via USB mouse (optional accessory). You'll be able to adjust white balance and other features easily. You can save your pictures to on board memory or by using an external storage device like an SD Card (optional accessory) or USB Flash Drive (optional accessory). This system has an integrated 5MP camera which allows for high speed, high quality image capture. You can also focus through the screen instead of the microscope eyepieces when needed. It provides great results for microscopy imaging applications. It comes with a one-year full-coverage warranty.

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Product Description


    • 5MP (2560x1920) high resolution color digital camera
    • 9.7" tablet interface displays the images clearly and provides on board storage
    • HDMI out, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, WiFi, and SD card connectivity allows for easy integration into many workstation types.
    • 0.37X adjustable reduction lens offers high field of view
    • Install on standard C-mount or insert into 23.2mm eyepiece tube directly





    • Model: CPZJ-150R
    • Image sensor: 1/2.5" color CMOS
    • Resolution: 2560x1920 pixels (5M pixels)
    • Pixel size: 2.2um x 2.2um
    • Live preview frame speed: 17fps at 1024x768, 25fps at 640x480
    • Connectivity: HDMI out, USB 2.0, SD, Bluetooth, WiFi
    • Reduction lens: 0.37X (adjustable), fit to 23.2mm eyepiece tube
    • Display: 9.7" Color LCD Touch Screen (1024x768)
    • Operating System: Android 4.2.2
    • CPU: Dual-core 1.5GHz
    • Memory: 1G (DDR3)
    • Storage: 2GB internal, external SD (SD card optional)
    • Power: 100V-240V power adapter (included)
    • Mounting: C-mount or 23.2mm eyepiece tube
    • Camera and display weight: 790g (1 lb 12 oz)


    Specification (software)


    Packing List:

    • 5MP integrated digital camera and display system
    • 0.37X adjustable reduction lens
    • Power adapter


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