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100 Glass Prepared Microscope Slides with Wooden Box Set A

ID: 1470697

This is a 100-piece prepared microscope slide set of various plant samples, and animal tissues. The slides are coverslipped and preserved in cedar wood oil. They are premium, accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine wooden box. This slide set is a mix of 100-piece prepared microscope slides which students can find interesting. This slide set is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school program

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Product Description


    • 100-piece prepared slides of plants, insects and animal tissues
    • Slide dimensions: 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm)
    • Sample name is marked on each slide
    • Slides sealed with cedar wood oil for longevity
    • Wooden slide storage box included



    • Model: PS100A
    • Professional prepared slides ideal for school education and collection
    • Slides with cover slips and preserved in cedar wood oil for permanent purpose
    • Major samples in basic science (bacteria, cell, tissue of plants and animals science)
    • Slide material: optical glass
    • Thickness: 1mm-1.2mm
    • Slide size: 76mm x 26mm
    • One end with information label
    • Wooden storage box
    • Size: 4-3/8" x 3-3/4" x 1-3/8" (11cm x 9.5cm x 3.5cm)
    • Net weight: 1.98lb (0.9kg)


    List of 100-piece Prepared Microscope Slides:

    • Pig Adipose Cell (whole mount)
    • Mouse Cuboidal Epithelium (section)
    • Dog Columnar Epithelium (section)
    • Dog Columnar Ciliated
    • Paramecium-Conjugation (whole mount)
    • Paramecium-Fission (whole mount)
    • Hydra (longitudinal section)
    • Hydra Plain and Budding (whole mount)
    • Planaria (cross section)
    • Blood Fluke - Eggs (whole mount)
    • Taenia Pisiformis (whole mount)
    • Ascaris (cross section)
    • Mosquito-Female (whole mount)
    • Mole Cricket Leg (whole mount)
    • Mantis Leg (whole mount)
    • Dog Tongue (longitudinal section)
    • Dog Stomach Cardiac Region (section)
    • Dog Stomach Pyloric Region (section)
    • Pig Liver (section)
    • Rabbit Venae Cavac (cross section)
    • Mouse Kidney (section)
    • Dog Urinary Bladder (section)
    • Human Skin - Hair - Follicle (section)
    • Rabbit Ganglia (section)
    • Dog Olfactory Membrane (section)
    • Mouse Ovary (section)
    • Frog Spermatozoa (smear)
    • L. Bulgarious (smear)
    • Lichen (section)
    • Marchantia archegonia (longitudinal section)
    • Marchantia antheridia (longitudinal section)
    • Polytrichum (whole mount)
    • Polytrichum Antheridia (longitudinal section)
    • Polytrichum Archegonia (longitudinal section)
    • Fern Root (cross section)
    • Fern Stem (cross section)
    • Fern Leaf - Sorus (cross section)
    • Pine Stem (longitudinal section)
    • Pine Cone-Female (longitudinal section)
    • Vicia Faba Root, Tip (longitudinal section)
    • Ranunculus Root (cross section)
    • Pisum Seed (longitudinal section)
    • Stem - Cork Cell (cross section)
    • Nymphaea, (Spongy Tissue) (cross section)
    • Nymphaea of Aqustio stem (cross section)
    • Pelargonium, of Leaf (cross section)
    • Striated Muscle (cross section)
    • Stem-Sieve Tube and Companion Cell (longitudinal section)
    • Planaria (whole mount)
    • Dense Connective Tissue (section)


    • Loose Connective Tissue (section)
    • Aspergillus (whole mount)
    • Lung-Injected (Rabbit) (section)
    • Kidney-Injected (Rabbit) (section)
    • Trematodes- Miracidia (whole mount)
    • Mosquito - Male (whole mount)
    • Mosquito Eggs (whole mount)
    • Drosophila - Female (whole mount)
    • Drosophila - Male (whole mount)
    • Drosophila - Larva (whole mount)
    • Drosophila - Chrysalis (whole mount)
    • Frog - Unsegmented egg (section)
    • Frog - Holoblastic Cleavage (section)
    • Frog - Cleavage (section)
    • Frog - Blastula (section)
    • Cucurbita (whole mount)
    • Pine Pollen (whole mount)
    • Plasmodesmata (section)
    • Silver Berry Scaly Hair (whole mount)
    • Peacock Feather (whole mount)
    • Dandelion Fuzz (whole mount)
    • Feather (whole mount)
    • Fiber (whole mount)
    • House Fly Leg (whole mount)
    • House Fly Wing (whole mount)
    • Corn Starch (whole mount)
    • Butterfly Leg (whole mount)
    • Ascarid Egg (whole mount)
    • Leaf of Winter Jasmine (cross section)
    • Frog - Early Gastrula (section)
    • Frog - Gastrula (section)
    • Ant (whole mount)
    • Vegetable Pollen (whole mount)
    • Silkworm Moth Antennae (whole mount)
    • Fruit (cross section)
    • Peach Worm (whole mount)
    • Butterfly Antennae (whole mount)
    • Cotton Worm (whole mount)
    • Shrimp - Egg (whole mount)
    • Letter "E" (whole mount)
    • Root Bacteria (cross section)
    • Typical Animal Cell
    • Typical Plant Cell
    • Cotton Leaf (cross section)
    • Cotton Stem (cross section)
    • Young Root of Broad Bean (cross section)
    • Soya Stem (cross section)
    • Silkworm Moth Larva (whole mount)
    • Pea Pollen (whole mount)
    • Ciliated Epithelium (section)


    Packing List:

    • 100-piece prepared microscope slides with wooden storage box


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    • Other prepared microscope slides


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