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Cordless Student Monocular Compound Microscope,40X-400X

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Product Description

    This versatile and value priced microscope is designed for K-12 students. The CM303 microscope is equipped with three high quality DIN standard objectives and a widefield WF10X/18 eyepiece with built-in scale and pointer. Green Friendly LED light provide bright, cool and safe illumination.

    The eyepiece is secured on the eyepiece tube by a set screw to prevent from dropping off. Separate coarse and fine focus knobs for ease of use with a slip clutch system to protect gears from eager students. The reversed nosepiece usually only exists in high end research level microscopes.

    This microscope can work anywhere with 3 rechargeable batteries. No more worry about the power outlet not available or Power outage.


    Model Carton Micro Systems CM303
    Total Magnification 40X, 100X, and 400X
    Eyepieces Widefield WF10X/18 with built-in pointer and scale, secured by set screw
    Objectives Achromatic DIN standard 4X, 10X, 40X (spring, sealed)
    Viewing Head Monocular, 45° Inclined, 360° rotatable
    Nosepiece Revolving, triple, reverse facing

    Plain stage, 2 stage clips, dimension 114mm X 125mm
    with condenser and aperture diaphragm


    Attached on the stage

    Disk diaphragm, attached on the stage
    Focusing Mechanism Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs on both sides, built-in slip clutch, adjustable rack stop, tension adjustment with a wrench

    Transmitted, LED light

    Power Supply

    3 AA rechargeable batteries, 1.2V 2450mAh
    AC adapter
    - Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    - Output: DC 7.5V, 1000mA

    Dimension 10" x 5-7/8" x 14" (25.4 cm x 15 cm x 35.5 cm)
    Net weight 7 lb 15 oz (3.61 kg)


    Packing List:

    • Microscope body
    • Eyepiece: WF10X/18 (installed)
    • Objectives: DIN 4X, 10X, 40X (installed)
    • AC adapter
    • Tension wrench
    • Dust cover

    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • 16X, 20X eyepieces
    • Plan, semi plan objectives
    • Prepared slides
    • Blank slides
    • USB cameras
    • Carrying case
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