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220v-240v Fluorescent Ring Light 8W Plus UK Plug Power Adapter

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Product Description


    • Bright fluorescent light 220v-240v
    • Reflecting housing provides bright illumination
    • Fitting various microscope bodies
    • Special designed screws for Nikon and Olympus stereo microscopes
    • Universal power plug for UK power outlet
    • Work with electric devices from other countries
    • Manufacturer in business 30+ years



    • Model: XA9208UK
    • Variable range in diameter: 38mm~61mm (1-1/2" ~ 2-3/8")
    • Color Temperature: 6500K
    • Power: 8w 220v-240v
    • Plug adapter: 250V 13A Capacity



    • To use this plug adapter, your electric device must be 220-240V or 100v-240v. Plugging your electric device into the UK power outlet with this adapter will damage your device and could even cause a fire if your device is 100v-120v only. You need a transformer to use 100v-120v devices.


    Packing List:

    • Fluorescent ring light set with power adapter 220v-240v
    • A spare ring tube
    • Plug adapter for UK power system


    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • Alternative ring tube, color temperature 5000K (warmer)
    • Alternative ring tube, color temperature 7800K (cooler)
    • Spare ring tube, color temperature 6500K
    • Adapters for different microscopes with 48mm, 49mm, and 50mm thread


    Note: for most microscopes, adapters are not necessary if the housing of the objective is straight (not cone-shaped). Adapters with a thread is used to mount firmly and prevent the objective housing from being scratched.


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