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Student Kids Microscopes

OMAX series microscopes for students and children are professional made with high quality optics and metal frames. Most "toy" microscopes or microscope kits sold in the department stores are made from plastic lenses, low end plastic frames which neither deliver good image quality nor last for long. OMAX microscopes for students and kids are the products that deliver the similar optical performance as professional ones but with simplified functions and attachments. They are all made from premium glass lenses, metal mechanic gears and frames which will last for many years.

Two main categories sorted by their applications: biological microscopes and low power 3D microscopes.

The biological microscopes, also called compound microscopes are for those who are interested in biology study. The typical powers are between 40x and 400x, up to 1600x or 2000x with 4-8 levels of magnifications. You will need to buy or make slides to use these microscopes since the microscope has the light on the bottom and the slides will allow the light going through the samples.

The low power 3D microscopes, also called stereo microscopes are for those who are interested in everyday life items, such as rocks, coins, stamps, plants, insects or any small items that are difficult for our eyes to see the details but too much power will make it difficut to focus and most of them will need a reflected light from the top since the samples are not transparent as the specimen on a slide. Compare to biological (compound) microscopes, it's easy to use - you don't need to make slides. Simply place the item you want to watch under the microscope and you can start to see the different world. The typical power of those microscopes are between 5x and 60x, up to 80x or 90x.



Biological Microscopes
Biological Microscopes
Low Power 3D Microscopes
Low Power 3D Microscopes

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