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Phase Contrast Attachment Kit for Compound Microscopes

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Product Description


    • Model: A1PHB3
    • A complete phase contrast kit can be flexibly equipped with an ordinary biological microscope to be a phase contrast microscope
    • Condenser mount size: 37mm in diameter
    • Improve the images of transparent and colorless objects, which are hard to see or invisible with a bright field microscope
    • Widely used in clinical, biological research and schools, specially for observing living cells
    • Top quality professional optical glass elements
    • 30+ years Manufacturer in business
    • Dimension: 30.5 cm x 23 cm x 14.5 cm (12" x 9" x 5-11/16")
    • Net weight: 3 lbs 11 oz (1.675 kg)

    Packing List:

    • One centering telescope
    • Four phase contrast objectives with phase plate
      Achromatic PH10/0.25, 160/0.17
      Achromatic PH20/0.40, 160/0.17
      Achromatic PH40/0.65, 160/0.17
      Achromatic PH100/1.25, 160/0.17 (oil)
    • Substage phase contrast condenser disk, 5 positions:
      1 Bright field condenser: Abbe NA1.25 w/ iris diaphragm and filter holder
      4 Phase contrast condensers: 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X, all center adjustable
    • One green filter
    • One screw driver
    • One aluminum storage and carry case


    Products needed to work with this kit (sold separately)

    • Compound microscopes


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