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Halogen bulb 6V/15W

SKU: A9301
ID: 1198267

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Regular Price: US$9.99

Product Description


    • Model: A9301
    • Type: Halogen
    • Power: 6V/15W


    Packing List:

    • Halogen bulb 6V/15W


    Other options:

    • Halogen bulb 6V/20W
    • Halogen bulb 6V/30W
    • Halogen bulb 12V/10W
    • Halogen bulb 6V/10W with reflector
    • Halogen bulb 6V/15W with reflector
    • Halogen bulb 12V/10W with reflector
    • Halogen bulb 21V/150W for cold fiber light
    • Fluorescent bulb 110V/7W
    • Tungsten bulb 110V/15W
    • Fluorescent bulb 8W for ring light


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Halogen bulb 6V/15W
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