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3.5X~90X Zoom Trinocular Stereo Microscope with 2.0MP USB Camera

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Product Description


    • Plug and see, no special knowledge needed
    • Top quality optical glass elements
    • High definition images
    • 1600x1200 pixels (2.0MP) high resolution digital camera with 0.45X medium adapter
    • High speed USB 2.0 connection with computers
    • Zoom lenses 3.5x~90x, crystal clear within any range
    • Wide field eyepieces: WF10X/20 and WF20X/10
    • 0.5X auxiliary objective lens (D50mm)
    • Long working distance with 0.5x auxiliary lens allows enough operation space
    • 45°inclined 360°ratable trinocular head
    • Individual adjustable intensity incident and transmitted lights
    • Upper (incident) light has 90° inclination range
    • Sharp erect stereo images over a wide field view
    • Both ocular tubes have diopter adjustment
    • Separate photo-tube focus adjustment
    • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance to fit anyone's eyes
    • Tool-free focus knob tension adjustment
    • Sturdy metal framework
    • Easy mounting ring lights (sold separately)
    • Product GS and CE approved
    • Manufacturer in business 30+ years



    • Model: XV431BC20C
    • Head: 45°Inclined 360°ratable trinocular.
    • Eyepieces: wide field WF10X/20 and WF10X/10
    • Zoom ratio: 1:6.5
    • Objective zoom: 0.7x~4.5x
    • Auxiliary objective/ring light thread: 50mm in diameter
    • Auxiliary objective lens: 0.5x
    • Total magnification: zoom lenses combination have a total range of 3.5x~90x
    • Both ocular tubes have diopter adjustment ±5dp
    • Separate photo-tube focus adjustment
    • Beam split lever enables photo-tube or left eye-tube
    • Capture true color video or image on your computer
    • Resolution: true color 1600x1200 pixels
    • Interface: USB 2.0 (480Mb/sec)
    • Pixel size: 2.8 um x 2.8 um
    • Image sensor: 1/3.2" CMOS
    • SNR: 42.3 dB
    • Platform compatibility of camera: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (see version information below)
    • USB cord length: 6 feet (183cm)
    • Software: live viewing, video recording, image capturing, measurement, and etc.
    • Interpupillary distance: 2-3/16" ~ 2-15/16"(55~75mm)
    • Working distance: 3-3/4" (95mm) without 0.5x auxiliary lens and 6-1/2" (165mm) with 0.5x auxiliary lens
    • Focus adjustment stroke: 5-1/5" (140mm)
    • Incident (upper) illuminator: 12V/10W halogen, 90°adjustable inclined angle range
    • Transmitted (lower) illuminator: 12V/10W halogen
    • Each light has its own intensity control with power on/off switch
    • Main power on/off switch
    • Tool-free focus knob tension adjustment
    • Auxiliary objective thread: 50mm in diameter
    • Clear glass stage plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
    • White/black plastic stage plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
    • Power supply: 100V-240V 50/60Hz (US and Canada plug)
    • Dimension: 10" x 10" x 18" (25.4cmx25.4cmx46cm)
    • Net weight: 13 lb 4 oz ( 6kg)
    • Package volume equivalent weight: 33 lb (15kg)


    Specifications (software):

    Specification (software)


    Please check the chart below for computer operating system compatibility

    Compatible Table



    Packing List:

    • Trinocular stereo microscope
    • A pair of WF10X/20 eyepieces
    • A pair of WF20X/10 eyepieces
    • 0.5X auxiliary objective (D50mm)
    • Clear glass stage plate
    • Black/white high quality plastic stage plate
    • Rubber eyeguards
    • Stage plate lock screw
    • Power cord
    • A pack of lens cleaning paper
    • Dust cover
    • Extra halogen bulb 12V/10W with reflector
    • Extra halogen bulb 12V/10W
    • Extra fuse
    • USB 2.0M digital camera 1600x1200
    • High quality USB 2.0 cord
    • 0.45X medium adapter
    • 1 CD including drivers and software
    • Manual


    Optional Parts and Accessories (sold separately):

    • Fluorescent ring light
    • LED cold ring light
    • Gooseneck fiber cold light
    • Gem jewel tweezers
    • Darkfield stage
    • Digital camera adapters (Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Ricoh)
    • CCD camera eyepiece
    • Boom stand (holder D84mm)
    • WF5X eyepieces
    • Mechanical specimen stage (D95mm)
    • Spare halogen bulb 12V/10W
    • Spare halogen bulb 12V/10W with reflector


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